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Eyeglass Lenses Replacement Service by LensesRx

We offer a very cost effective eyeglass lenses replacement service that has earned our highest positive customer review. All work is done by our highly trained opticians and is fully insured. The process is very simple and can take only a few days; depending on the eyeglass lenses you wish to replace.

How To Order Eyeglass Lenses:
To select this service, simply select which lens replacement you desire [ Simple | Eyeglass | Sunglass ] (*Comparison information below). On that page you will click on the button to customize the lenses, located below the picture.

New Prescription Eyeglass Lenses:
If you received a new prescription from your eye doctor, simply enter the information from the prescription into the form. In some situations we may require for you to send us a copy of your prescription. You can always either send the original or a copy with your glasses when you send them to us. We will return everything exactly as you send it to us. Except the eyeglass lenses will be new!

Eyeglass Lenses Replacement:
If you scratched or cracked your eyeglass lenses and wish to replace them but you're not sure of your prescription here is what you can do. On the prescription form select 0.00 for both right and left SPH as well as setting your PD to the lowest possible number (45). In the additional comments section you can simply type 'Please get RX and PD from my current eyeglass lenses'. Unless the eyeglass lenses are damaged beyond recognition this will not be a problem for our eyeglass lenses replacement team.

Things To Know About Lenses Replacement:
If you're replacing lenses for sports eyewear, children's eyeglasses or rimless frames, please select polycarbonate eyeglass lenses on the order form. If not, we will have to contact you when we receive your glasses and tell you about an additional payment. Regular plastic is just not as safe and shatter proof as polycarbonate, please select polycarbonate, we require this! Also, we have no problem updating eyeglass lenses for sunglasses or making your current sunglasses into prescription sunglasses. Sunglasses take more time, require larger more expensive lenses and sometimes require us to order parts from the manufacturer of the frame to finialize the replacement.

1. Simple Lenses Replacement:

We now offer a basic lens replacement product for simple single vision prescriptions. The simple lens replacement service only has a low anti-reflective coating option and no tint or premium options. This product is not available for children's glasses, sunglasses, frameless eyeglasses or above standard prescriptions.

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2. Eyeglass Lenses Replacement:

Update your prescription in your favorite eyeglasses, without having to buy another expensive pair of glasses. We know you love your eyeglasses, you've been wearing them for years. Don't pay an arm and a leg just because your prescription has changed. Use our lens replacement service and never have to worry about finding another pair that works for you. Your favorite pair is the one we want you to fall in love with again and again.

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3. Sunglass Lenses Replacement:

This package is specifically designed for sunglasses, because sunglasses take extra work to fill and we have a seperate department who specialize in a variety of designer sunglasses. Certain sunglass frames require larger than normal lenses, they sometimes require the frame to be heated to expand and insert the lenses and sometimes they just need to be handled with extra care. We specialize in all designer sunglasses lens replacement.

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